Hair Care

hair care

If you're looking for the best hair care available, Beauty Season Hair Salon & Spa is the only name you can rely on. We provide professional keratin treatment in Toronto, ON. When it comes to a hair salon, no one can approach our level of quality and commitment. With our perms, we know you'll be more than happy with the results.

The follow up to in-salon keratin therapy is this revolutionary new smoothing hair care system, Keratin Complex by Coppola. This collection includes shampoos, conditioners and treatments that infuse liquid keratin protein deep into the hair cuticle eliminating up to 95% of frizz and curl from each strand. Keratin Complex helps keep hair soft, shiny and luxurious after keratin therapy.

Some solutions will not last as long, and it becomes noticeable when the untreated hair starts to grow out. This is not an issue with the Coppola Keratin Treatment. Women desire silky smooth locks and this method delivers! While it is not an actual “straightener”, it will kill the frizzy dry look, and it does calm the curls for at least 4-6 months’ time, with minimal upkeep.